The Wikidata gender model

The following trees shows how gender and sexual identities are currently organised in the Wikidata ontology.

Gender identities

The gender identity tree starts from "gender" and comprises "cisgender man", "cisgender woman", "non-binary" (with its many subclasses), "travesti", plus "undisclosed gender" and the concept of "gender incongruence".

While "cisgender woman" and "cisgender man" exist, in practice they are almost unused as values of the "sex or gender" property. In place of these values, Wikidata users employ the "female" and "male" sexual identities.

The second tree starts from "gendered" and comprises "female" and "male", with their respective subclasses "trans woman" and "trans man".

Sexual identities

At present, the sexual identity tree which starts from "sex of humans" contains only "female", "male", and "other sex".

Note that "intersex" does not appear in this tree because it is not currently listed as a subclass of "sex of humans". At the same time, it does not appear in the gender identity tree because it has no superclasses.